Easiest way to extend system partition on Windows Server 2000/2003/2008

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I usually receive emails from our users that they concern about how to extend system partition. They all describe that the C: drive is out of the space and other partitions contain much free space. They don’t know if there is a way to extend their system partition safely without data losing. They are usually worried about 2 aspects: operating system is server 2000/2003/2008, and whether it is safe to extend.

Actually, it is difficult and dangerous to enlarge system partition for most Windows Server users, and some unreliable software may destroy valued data during the process of enlarging disk partition on Windows Server operating system. So reliability is very important to partition manager.  EASEUS Partition Master Server Edition is the outstanding and reliable
server partition software
, which could manages both Windows Server and non-Server partitions on one machine.

extend system partition on Windows server

It is easy to extend system partition by EASEUS Partition Master with only a few steps. For example, if there are only 2 partitions, system partition (C: drive) and partition D. Firstly, reduces partition D to get the unallocated space. Secondly, move the partition D to make the unallocated space between partition C and D. And then position the mouse pointer on the right border of the C: partition and when the mouse pointer changes to a double-headed arrow, drag the handle to the right to enlarge the partition. Please apply each change after operating. What easy operation steps and reliable it is! Just need to drag the border of a partition on the graphical map of EASEUS Partition Master to extend a partition, and please pay more attention on the bellowing points:

1.     Backup important data to a safe place such as external drive before resizing, and disconnect external drive before running software.

2.     When running software, close other applications including the antivirus software and the firewall.

3.     If there is much data on partition, the resizing will take a long time. Don’t stop it when it is working. Please keep 5~10% free space for data exchanging during resizing.

Besides, EASEUS Partition Master Server Edition as the best valuable server partition manager has many other functions, including: resize and move partitions, copy partition, copy disk , copy dynamic volume, merge partitions, convert partitions, etc.

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