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64 bit Windows 7 Operating System has been the main trend. And how to partition 64 bit becomes urgent. This article will introduce a free partition manager for 64 bit - EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition.

64 bit system is an advanced technology compared to 32 bit systems. But some software is still designed for 32 bit system; they could not completely compatible with the 64 bit systems. Especially for Windows 7 users, if you are using Windows 7 or get ready for Windows 7, you are very likely to encounter this problem that the original system partition is too small, as basic Windows 7 installation partition size is 16GB. At these moments, free partition manager 64 bit software will be of great help.

How to choose the right partition manager software for 64 bit partition is now a problem. Below are the factors users most concerned:

a. The ability to partition 64 bit Windows 7 and other mainstream OS.
b. Data security during partition.
c. The stability. No one likes to use a program with a lot of errors.
d. Price. Program with high quality at low price is users' favorite.

EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition works perfectly with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 32 and 64 bit systems. Hardware RAID is also supported. This excellent free 64 bit partition manager software let you enjoy a wide range of powerful features, such as resizing, moving, copying, creating, deleting, formatting, hiding partitions etc.

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