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Built-in Windows 7 Disk Manager allows you to perform basic tasks related to disk without rebooting the systems and most configuration changes enter into force immediately. But it has a huge disadvantage: cannot move partitions, in other words, Widows 7 Disk Manager can only extend partition unless there is unallocated space adjacent to this partition.

While just take a look at the issue: I have a hard disk with two volumes, according to disk manager, the left one has free space that I can reallocate it while the right one has the system data. I want to extend (merge) both and make them one drive. When I do this, will my data in the second volume be deleted?

You can't extend a partition backwards using Windows 7 Disk Manager. That’s where you find you need to do more than basic tasks. In this case, a Windows 7 Disk Manager alternative software, the one I use is EASEUS Partition Master, will be of great help to merge partition for you. EASEUS Partition Master also offers an option to backup your computer so that your precious data can be double-protected.

As an all-in-one disk management solution, EASEUS Partition Master also provide other powerful partitioning functions like extend system partition, resize partition, wipe disk, rebuild MBR etc. as well as partition recovery to recover deleted or lost partitions . For more detailed information about its powerful features, please check out EASEUS Partition Master Features.

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