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A good software never stops itself to make improvements in order to facilitate users' life and work. EaseUS Partition Master, a household partition management toolkit, now unveils itself in this August of 2011 with more indispensible and user-friendly functions to prove what qualified software should be.

There are five editions for different users in this new upgrade: Home Edition, Profession Edition, Server Edition, Unlimited Edition and Technician Edition. EaseUS Partition Master Home is free for all home users, which provides both the basic and advanced partition management.

Great leaps made by EaseUS:

First leap: video tutorial help
On account of those non-professional home PC users, we provide you a very thoughtful video tutorial in EaseUS Partition Master Home and Professional Edition, which gives you an overall view of managing hard disk partitions: resize system partition, dynamic disk to basic conversion and so on.

Second leap:  merge partitions
 We need partition software often because partitions are lacking in available space and we have to reorganize hard disk space for the optimization. Here, EaseUS Partition Master makes it possible to merge two partitions directly and easily solve the low disk space problems.

Third leap:  resize dynamic volume
Dynamic disk is widely used by large enterprises due to its large space, security and flexibility. Usually, partitioning dynamic volumes is not so easy as basic disk, especially resizing the system volume. Directly resizing dynamic volumes is another breakthrough of this newly upgrade edition.

More new features in EaseUS Partition Master 9.0:
Support command line for easier disk management and run a batch file. 
Repair RAID-5 volume by reconstructing the data of the failed member on another disk.
Wipe unallocated space.
Support Windows Home Server, etc.

One review from a EaseUS Partition Master user
"EaseUS Partition Master works very fine. I really like the new look and the new useful functions. For setting up, and resetting up hard drives, no program works better than EaseUS Partition Master." Said Jim Heidinger, a customer of EaseUS partition software.

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