How to Repartition Windows 7 Drive?

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Windows 7, boasting its beautiful appearance and enhanced efficiency, attracts more and more users to upgrade to it since its release. And no doubt, some problems pertaining to disk partitioning are concerned either you want to install Windows 7 to the original Windows XP partition nor to install dual boot system with Windows 7 and XP.  

If you install Windows 7 to original Windows XP partition, you will find that the free space of Windows XP system partition may be too low for Windows 7 installation, repartition the hard drive for Windows 7 would come to the first. And if you want to install dual boot system for Windows 7 and Windows XP, a new partition is required to be created to avoid low disk space problem, etc. In conclusion, you just need to repartition the hard drive, all works done. So how to repartition Windows 7 drive? Diskpart command? Disk Management? Or disk partition manager software like free EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition?

As the functions provided in disk management of Windows 7 are pretty limited, I believe most of you prefer to use the third party partition manager to do this work, especially free partition manager which can repartition your Windows 7 drive easily and save your time and money. Here I’d like recommend EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition for you, it is totally free for all home users and powerful in partition ability, it provides all basic and advanced partition tool and helps you repartition the hard drive, resize and move partition, extend (system) partition, etc. to repartition Windows 7 drive, please just refer to here and follow the instructions to repartition your Windows 7 drive. Why not download it now?

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