How to divide a hard disk to speed up your PC?

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As computer comes to everyone's daily life, questions regarding computers also come along with it, say, hard disk management, data recovery from hard drive, backup hard disk drive, etc. Here is the case of hard disk management problem from Yahoo Answer:

"i have windows xp professional installed on my computer but i don't know how to divide it into different drives i tried to do the same as per the help menu provided but it didn't work out. Please guide me how can i use a partition manager to resolve my problem…"

Yes, the partition tool built in Windows may work well with new or blank hard drives but is impractical for drives that already hold your application settings and other data, so third party partition manager providing wizard guide to simplify partition management work would be worth using.  

EASEUS Partition Master, reliable and professional partition management utility and system optimization software, lets you easily divide disk, manage hard disk, resize and move partition, create or delete partition without losing data, and it provides wizard mode to walk you through all disk divide or resize questions easily.

It is true that today hard drives come from the factory formatted with a single partition, which is neither practicable for your data in safety nor convenient for your disk management daily; therefore, dividing the hard drive disk into several different partitions is recommended to gain speed and free wasted disk space and make file management much easier.

If you are home users with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 32 bit, you can free download comprehensive EASEUS Partition Master Home edition to have a full test.

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