How to extend primary partition with partition manager?

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We all know that there are two partition types under Windows system - primary partition and extended partition, and a hard disk can be divided into at most four, and at least one, primary partitions. All these primary partitions are described by 16-byte entries that constitute the Partition Table which is located in the master boot record. Generally, the primary partition is a partition that is used to start an operating system, while you can also use primary partitions that do not contain the operating system.

Usually, lots of people are used to partition their hard disk into two partitions, one primary partition for Windows operating system, and the other partition (primary or extended) for data storage or others. However, it brings you problems here like low disk space on the primary partition or "C drive full", which leading to a slow computer performance would be a headache for you. And the way to extend primary partition quickly will save your days, so how to expand primary partition? Below is the case in point:

I have a windows 2003 server with a 20GB C: partition and a 200GB D: partition. I need to increase the size of the C: partition. Do I need to delete the D: partition to make room to increase the C: partition or can I simply make the D: partition smaller and extend the C: partition? Will I lose any of the data on either partition?

In this situation, actually, you can directly extend the system partition without deleting the D partition and no data loss. For how, here we will introduce a partition manager - EASEUS Partition Master that will make the job easier for you. No data loss, no worry, EASEUS partition master helps you extend primary partition, Resize/Move Partition, Extend System Drive, Copy Disk & Partition, Merge Partition, Split Partition, Redistribute Free Space, Convert Dynamic Disk, Partition Recovery and much more. For detailed instructions, please check it here about how to extend primary partition without data loss.

With it, you can extend primary partition securely without the risk of losing data; it no doubt saves you a lot of time and trouble. And if your system is Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 32 bit, you can use its free home edition to enjoy its full features. Download it here and try it yourself.

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