How to repartition external hard drive?

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With widely use of external hard drive, how to repartition an external hard drive to effectively manage it is now becoming a common question people always raise. Here is the case in point:

I use Windows 7 and have 2 large external USB hard drives, which were allocated to a single partition on the entire space, now I just want to repartition those external hard drives into two partitions, how to do that?

External hard drive, widely used to back up or store important information separate from the main internal hard drive, is quite a useful piece of equipment indeed. As we know, internet access regularly exposes computers to potential threats like virus, all of our important files would be exposed to a great risk at data loss, while external hard drive sits outside of it and must be a favorable asylum at this time.

Just because people get used to store almost all their files on the external hard drive, partitioned external hard drive is required for an effective file management on it, so how to repartition external hard drive?

Here we introduce a professional partition manager EASEUS Partition Master to repartition your external hard drive. EASEUS Partition Master is the comprehensive and professional partition tool, it not only allows you to repartition external had drive, but also to do all other partition and disk management works that a partition utility should have, say, create/delete partition, resize/move partition, extend system partition, format partition, copy partition or disk, etc. And dynamic disk and GPT disk management are supported. Learn more its powerful features here: EASEUS Partition Master Features.

Easy to use and fast, you can repartition external hard drive with a few clicks, free download it and refer to the detailed instructions to repartition external hard drive now.

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