How to resize GPT disk partition?

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I had to resize a GPT disk partition, Windows Vista partition manager wouldn't allow to shrink by more than 0 bytes. I then tried the GParted live distribution which had to be burned to CD. I had trouble booting (display not properly configured) and Gparted wouldn't do it either since the system presenting one large disk instead of the two physical discs would confuse it and I tried Suse Linux partition manager, same story, so any idea to resize a GPT disk partition or any partition manager to recommend?

Keeping the GPT disk partition with factory setup where it had not enough space for the "C" drive or always partitioned the GPT disk partitions into G, D, E, F, lots of people would have the trouble to get the errors of "not enough space" as Windows just grows and grows with every other program wanting to install on it. At this time, an easy way to resize GPT disk partition quickly would save the whole life, especially for some server users. So is there any partition manager managing GPT disk partition?

Researched the now-existed partition manager in the market, it is not difficult for us to find that just few of them support GPT disk partition management. Luckily, EASEUS Partition Master is just the powerful hard disk management program coming to your side. For GPT disk partitioning management, apart from resizing GPT disk partition, EASEUS partition master enables you to Initialize to GPT disk, GPT disk partition copy, etc. And with wizard-mode interface, it will walk you through to manage the GPT disk partition easily and quickly. Free download here and have a try now.

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