How to solve “C drive is full” problem?

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If your computer is reporting that the C drive is full or out of space, you will get the “low disk space” warning:

c drive is full

Under Windows 7, if the C drive is full, it will turn out to be red:

Windows 7 C drive is full

When encountering “C drive is full” issue, you probably:
1. Have too many files on the partition, and need to clean it up.
2. Have a too small disk and need a larger disk drive.

3. Have empty space on the disk, just C drive is full, and in this case, you need to extend C drive with third party partition manager software. Easeus Partition Master is reliable partitioning software that can help to increase C drive space easily and without data loss, you can extend C drive by simply drag and drop. For step to step instruction, please refer to: How to solve "c drive is out of space" or hard drive full issue?

extend C drive

Note: To extend C drive, there must be some unallocated space behind C drive. If not, you can decrease other partitions and make unallocated space right next to C drive. Besides Partition Manager, EASEUS Partition Master provides Partition Recovery Wizard and Disk and Partition Copy Wizard features. It is an all-in-one solution to solve your disk and partition issues.

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