How to undelete files and recover data?

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Undelete files seems so easy if the file remains in the trash box, while what if you deleted the file and cleaned the trash box then suddenly realize that there is some data you want to use and you didn’t  backup? And there’re always chances that files are mis-deleted or loss by virus attacks etc. How can we undelete files and recover our data? In this case, a third party utility that help to undelete files is a perfect choice, EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition is definitely reliable software to undelete files and help to recover data under Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7.

To undelete files and recover data with EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition, you do not need to have too much technical experience. But to undelete files and recover data, please make sure the hard drive you want to undelete files from is not overwritten or physically damaged.

To undelete files, you may choose Deleted File Recovery module, then select the exact drive and press the "NEXT" button to search, it will scan the drive automatically, after that you'll see file/folder tree, select and save the files you want to undelete, your deleted files are thus recovered.


EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition


Detailed steps: How to undelete files?

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