Manage SBS 2008 Server partition with magic server partition software

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While solid state drive (SSD) and hybrid hard drive (HHD) are attracting more and more attention from the community, conventional hard disk storage continues to be the mainstream choice for long-term storage as far as we can see, from the mainframe to desktop. Thus you still need to manage the conventional hard disk storage so that you can make best use of it, say divide it into partitions or create partition, extend system partition, resize/move partition, delete partition, activate partition etc.

How to manage SBS 2008 Server partition efficiently? There are always two methods: SBS 2008 Server Disk Management and third party server partition manager software.

To manage SBS 2008 Server partition with Disk Management, you may follow the steps: Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Administrative Tools. Double click Computer Management and then click Disk Management in the left hand column. You may do whatever you want there.

To manage SBS 2008 Server partition with third party partition manager software, we would like to take EASEUS Partition Master as an example. You may find it easy to use with drag-and-drop, while powerful enough as a daily disk management utility. For more detailed guidance, please refer here: Magic Server Partition Manager Software - EASEUS Partition Master.

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