New Update! EaseUS Partition Master 9.2.2 comes with more considerate features

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EaseUS Software, a provider of partition management, data recovery and safety solutions, today announces the release of EaseUS Partition Master in a new updated version - EaseUS Partition Master 9.2.2. This new version introduces a highlight that when upgrading to any paid edition from trial edition, you just need to purchase a license and input the serial number without downloading and installing twice to save much time for other affairs .

Everybody is in pursuit of efficiency in this busy age. To meet the customer needs, EaseUS Partition Master 9.2.2 makes things much easier - no need to re-download and reinstall application. Compared with competitors, EaseUS Partition Master delivers affordable, cost-effective and ease-to-use disk and partition management solutions without sacrificing features, benefits, or performances. AS an ALL-IN-ONE disk management utility, EaseUS Partition Master enables users to manage their partitions with plenty of functions, for instance, to resize, format, delete, merge and copy partitions , etc. and to maximize PCs and Servers performance.

EaseUS Software keeps on reinforcing its strategy to address individuals, SMBs and enterprises’ backup, recovery and storage management needs through enterprise-level functionality and very attractive pricing models. With industry's cost-effective solution and comprehensive features, EaseUS software has possessed a large user group around the world.

Get more information: http://www.partition-tool.com/

 Pricing and Availability:
Free for home users, EaseUS Partition Master Free is available here:


EaseUS Partition Master Professional Edition for $39.95is available at :

EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition for $159 is available at:

EaseUS Partition Master Unlimited Edition for $399.00 is available at :

EaseUS Partition Master Technician Edition for $699.00 is available at :

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