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Easeus Partition Master won a lot applause in the last year as a rising star within partitioning tools, and right at the beginning of 2010 it comes with Partition Recovery Wizard added-in, which can help to recover deleted files or recover lost files from formatted, RAW or corrupted partitions as well as mistakenly deleted or lost partitions. With this new function, Easeus Partition Master 5.0.1 becomes an all-in-one solution for partitioning and data recovery no doubt.

While warmly welcomed in the market, format recovery seems to be a feature that is especially well received. Format is likely to be one of the most frequently operations when dealing with partitioning, but unfortunately users may re-format the disk by mistake, only to realize it much later that some important data was not backed up. Format 插入链接recovery of Easeus Partition Master will relieve you from the torment. With the Complete Recovery module, format recovery will be simple clicks of your mouse.

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For format recovery, you do not have to get another utility anymore, EASEUS partition master, all-in-one partition solution with partition manager, partition recovery wizard and Disk & Partition copy wizard to manage your hard drive. But please be noted that: do not try to do any change to the formatted drive which you try to recover data from since it may cause permanent data loss of the formatted drive.

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