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Have you ever run into any situation that you want to get those deleted files back from the “Recycle Bin” but just find it totally empty? While you still got chance to find the deleted files back using EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition.

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition can help to find the deleted files back. Just remember that: if you deleted some important files and want to recover them, do not do any change to the partition that you want to recover deleted files from. Because when a file is deleted, it is not actually wiped from the disk, but is marked as "deleted" or removed from the file list, while the content data will be on the disk until the location is over-written.

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition is absolutely a recommended "undelete software". You may use the “Deleted File Recovery” module to undelete files.

Not only can EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition recover deleted files, it can also help to recover files from deleted or lost partitions, unformat and solve other data recovery issues.

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