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Dynamic disk is welcomed by most computer users, especially server users. Why? Volumes span multiple disks and reconfigure volume flexibly. It is easy to be extended by Disk Management but just for Simple Volume and Spanned Volume. Says, the dynamic volume still cannot be extended in most condition, especially for the system volume under PC or servers.

There are many partition tools which can 
convert the dynamic disk (Simple Volume only) directly to basic disk to resize partition. If there is an error or failure during the converting, the system and data will expose to the risk absolutely. It is nightmare to all users.

How to extend dynamic volume including Mirror Volume, Stripped Volume, RAID5 Volume and safely?

EaseUS Partition Master provides professional function to directly resize five types of dynamic volume. You can shrink or extend dynamic volume to the ideal size you want. Before dynamic disk management, we strongly recommend you backup data in case of unexpected accident.

The operations are simple, launch EaseUS Partition Master and go to the main screen, right click the volume you want to resize and choose Resize volume, then adjust the volume size as you like. During the adjustment, dynamic volume type may change as you extend or shrink the volume size, for example you many probably extend your simple volume to spanned volume.

By this direct method, you can also resize dynamic disk under Windows 2000/XP/Vista/2003/2008 without any data loss.

If you are more familiar with partitioning on basic disk, you can also convert dynamic disk to basic using EaseUS Partition Master without deleting volumes when dynamic disk only contains simple volume and mirrored volume. And then convert basic disk back to dynamic after you finish extend partitions on basic disk. Just simply steps, dynamic volume will be extended safely. 

The third solution to resize dynamic disk: Clone dynamic volume onto the basic disk firstly, resize the basic disk and partition it to the right size you want, and then convert this basic disk back to dynamic one. Amazing partition manager software let it just so easy and safe because it allows you to backup hard drive and partition of dynamic volume on the basic disk. Download it and follow the detailed way to extend dynamic disk under windows safely.

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