TAG: free linux partition manager

Free and stable in its performance, Linux system brings the peace of mind of most people and is widely used just like Windows system. Today, it is not difficult to find many people have dual-boot system installation with Windows and Linux system, which seems to be much easier and convenient in some cases, while when it comes to

TAG: easeus partition master 6.5.1 new release

EASEUS Software, the leading provider of affordable, scalable partition management, data recovery and disaster recovery utilities, today announced the immediate availability of

TAG: free download partition manager

EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition giveaway will be a one-week giveaway promotion from today on. This giveaway of EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition aims to make more users enjoy this wonderful partition m...

TAG: windows server 2008 low disk space

Users come to know about Windows Server 2008 low disk space problem when they receive a “low disk space” warning message. Actually, low disk spac...

TAG: web server partitioning software

What is web server? According to Wiki: “A web server is computer program that delivers (serves) content, such as web pages, using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), over the World Wide Web. The term web server can also refer to the computer or virtual machine running the program.” In our daily usage, a web server usually refers ...

TAG: free fat/ntfs partition recovery

In this digital world, it is not rare for us to suffer data loss due to partition loss, as it is known that it would take a long time to scan and recover lost files with data recovery software, most people prefer to recover lost partition directly when partition was accidently deleted or gone. The question is: how to

TAG: resize primary partition

With all the software I have run, my primary partition has been getting pretty crowded, how can I resize primary partition

TAG: new release of easeus partition master

Partition Recovery, an easy-to-use function to undelete partition and recover partition which is lost or deleted by accident, is now integrated into the latest version of the leading partition manager software -

TAG: extend primary partition

We all know that there are two partition types under Windows system - primary partition and extended partition, and a hard disk can be divided into at most four, and at l...


How to repartition external hard drive?

AuthorEASEUS   Category Partition Manager   Comments0   Post Time 2010-07-21 06:03:20 -0400
TAG: repartition externla hard drive

With widely use of external hard drive, how to repartition an external hard drive to effectively manage it is now becoming a common question people always raise. Here is the case in point:

I use Windows 7 and have 2 large external USB hard drives, which were...

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