How to resize GPT disk partition?

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TAG: resize gpt disk partition

I had to resize a GPT disk partition, Windows Vista partition manager wouldn't allow to shrink by more than 0 bytes. I then tried the GParted live distribution which had to be burned to CD. I had trouble booting (display not properly configured) and Gparted wouldn't do it either since the syste...

TAG: easeus partition manager

EASEUS Partition Master 6.0.1, the all-in-one hard disk management solution enhanced by the ability to support GPT partition such as


Ways to get rid of Windows 7 low disk space issue

AuthorEASEUS   Category Partition Manager   Comments0   Post Time 2010-05-28 04:59:37 -0400
TAG: easeus partition master,windows 7 partition manager

If you get the 'Low Disk Space' system tray balloon notifications under Windows 7, that means your computer performance will be somehow affected by Windows 7 low disk space issue unless you can...

TAG: easeus partition master,convert simple volume to primary partition

Can someone explain to me what the difference between simple volume and primary partition is? I added an old hard drive to my computer and went to disk management to format the drive, and after formatting I noticed that the drive is a primary partition and the OS ...


Convert simple volume to primary partition safely

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TAG: convert simple volume to primary partition; easeus

There are two basic hard disk configuration types in Windows System: basic disk and dynamic disk. Basic disk uses primary partition, extended partition and logical partition to manage the data on the disk, and dynamic disk can contain nearly 2000 volumes with the functions like that of primary partitions on basic disk. While dynamic disk can improve the performance of computers wi...

TAG: easeus partition master,resize dynamic volume

A dynamic disk is a physical disk that provides features basic disk cannot, such as support for volumes spanning multiple disks. Dynamic disks use a hidden database to track information about dynamic volumes on the disk and other dynamic disks in the computer. Compare to basic disk, dynamic disk has many advantages.

However, it has two...


Great alternative for Windows 7 Disk Manager

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TAG: windows 7 disk manager

Built-in Windows 7 Disk Manager allows you to perform basic tasks related to disk without rebooting the systems and most configuration changes enter into force immediately. But it has a huge disadvantage: cannot move partitions, in other words, Widows 7 Disk Manager can only extend partition un...

TAG: easeus partition master,sbs 2008 server partition,partition manager software

While solid state drive (SSD) and hybrid hard drive (HHD) are attracting more and more attention from the community, conventional hard disk storage continues to be the mainstream choice for long-term storage as far as we can see, from the mainframe to desktop. Thus you still n...


New Update! EASEUS Partition Master 5.5.1!

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TAG: easeus,partition manager,partition master

EASEUS Partition Master 5.5.1 is released at April 10, 2010.

New features:
Rebuild MBR to boot system again.
Speed up your computer by defragmentation.
Permanently wipes sensitive data on disk by wiping disk.

More information:
TAG: easeus partition master,creat partition,divide partition,magic partitioning softwar

It is generally known that most PCs have been supplied with only one large hard drive and pre-configured as one large partition. How to divide and

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