How to divide a hard disk to speed up your PC?

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TAG: free partition manager,divide disk

As computer comes to everyone's daily life, questions regarding computers also come along with it, say, hard disk management, data recovery from hard drive, backup hard disk drive, etc. Here is the case of hard disk management problem from Yahoo Answer:


How to Repartition Windows 7 Drive?

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TAG: free partition manager,repartition windows 7 drive

Windows 7, boasting its beautiful appearance and enhanced efficiency, attracts more and more users to upgrade to it since its release. And no doubt, some problems pertaining to disk partitioning are concerned either you want to install Windows 7 to the original Windows XP partition nor to install dual boot system with Wind...


How to choose a best 64 bit partition manager?

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TAG: easeus partition master,64 bit partition manager,

Technically, changing from 32 bit architecture to 64 bit architecture is a fundamental alteration, yet to most of us - normal computer users, 64 bit is just a term referring to a generation of computers in which 64-bit processors are engaged.

Here we would like to introduce how to choose the most reliable 64 bit partiti...


Increase partition size under Windows Server 2008

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TAG: easeus,partition manager,increase partition size server 2008

Along with more and more utilities being installed under Windows Server 2008 operating system, the original system partition size becomes lower and lower. When the boot partition C: drive is out of space, the Server computer will fight for precious space and thus run rather slowly. Though Windows Server 2008 off...

TAG: partition windows server 2008 64 bit

Just as Microsoft said: “Today, 64-bit processors have become the standard for systems ranging from the most scalable servers to desktop PCs…” The 64-bit systems offering direct access to more virtual and physical memory than 32-bit systems and process more data per clock cycle and enabling more scalable, higher performing computing solutions would be a great attraction for computer us...

TAG: partition master,partition windows 7 64 bit,magic partition manager

Windows 7 system is becoming more popular, while 64 bit has been introduced to us for a couple of years, it is Windows 7 that brings 64 bit to a speedy increase. Now that Windows 7 64 bit system has become a main trend, how to manage Windows 7 64 bit partitions efficiently and which partition manager software to cho...


How to solve “C drive is full” problem?

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TAG: easeus,partition manager,c drive is full,extend c drive

If your computer is reporting that the C drive is full or out of space, you will get the “low disk space” warning:


TAG: partition manager,easeus partition master

How to speed up and tune the hard drive for better performance? Anyway, no one ever needs a computer if it performs badly and goes slower; while the fact is that the hard drive would be used forever and heavily loaded, and speed up the hard drive seems to remain the top concern. 

So here comes to how to speed up the hard drive? You may say one of the effective way is to optimize ...


How to undelete files and recover data?

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TAG: easeus partition master,undelete files,recover data

Undelete files seems so easy if the file remains in the trash box, while what if you deleted the file and cleaned the trash box then suddenly realize that there is some data you want to use and you didn’t  backup? And there’re always chances that files are mis-deleted or loss by virus attacks etc. How can we

TAG: easeus,partition recovery,free,file recovery

Have you ever wanted to recover files from deleted or lost partitions but do not want to spend like 50 dollars or so for a one time file recovery software? Here we would like to recommend totally free file recovery software – EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition that will solve all the ...

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