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As hard disks grow larger in size, most of us are used to cram almost all our files on the computer, business or personal. Few of us would expect any accidents coming to the computer and make a preparation to protect the data on the hard drive. However, losing data that took days to work on must be one of the greatest fears of most computer users. Never cry over split milk, what should we do...


Recover Deleted Files using Free Undelete Software

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TAG: deleted file recovery,recover deleled files,easeus data recovery

Have you ever run into any situation that you want to get those deleted files back from the “Recycle Bin” but just find it totally empty? While you still got chance to find the deleted files back using EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition.

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Editi...

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Just imaging an all-in-one solution for your hard drive management, it enables you to manage your hard drive, protect files on hard drive, and even recover deleted or lost partitions, etc. Anyway, no one knows when or how accidents happen to the computers nowadays.

So, want be the real master of your computer? Hope to comprehensively manage your hard drive ranging from partition mana...


Partitioning and Format Recovery within One Solution

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Easeus Partition Master won a lot applause in the last year as a rising star within partitioning tools, and right at the beginning of 2010 it comes with Partition Recovery Wizard added-in, which can help to recover deleted files or recover lost files from formatted, RAW or corr...

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Good news, the new version EASEUS Partition Master 5.0.1 is released now with new featured added-on – Partition Recovery help to recover lost files.

EASEUS Partition Master recognized as a reliable partitioning tool is now coming with Partition Recovery as EASEUS partition Master 5.0.1, whi...

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With increasing amount of storage space of hard drive, hard drive space would not be a problem when it newly comes to you, while no matter how big your hard drive, you’ll be amazed at how quickly application installs, temporary files clutter your system and free space. Yes, you can release some space and reuse it with some cleaning software, whatever, it is not a long-term...

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EASEUS Partition Master now can help to extend NTFS system partition without rebooting computer to minimize the downtime and maximize the efficiency!

I believe that almost everyone using computer have had encountered the low disk space warning created by Windows to alert you about running out of space, right? One way to solve this problem i...

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Like Windows Vista, Windows 7 also has the option to change partition size, which means you can resize (extend or shrink) partitions with its built-in Disk Management (DM) (see picture below). You can change partition size, create, delete, format partitions by DM without...

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At the end of the year, through year-long use for work and pleasure, your hard drive has been stuffed with all kinds of materials, both business and personal. You may plan

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EASEUS, the leading hard disk management solution provider, who offers their software based on customers' needs, adds a new Technician Edition to their award-winning partition manager software: EASEUS Partition Master Technician Edition. The license is designed especially for users like the busy IT professional, system administrator, technician or consultant who offers independent managed se...

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