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It is generally known that disks are all initialized as basic for your Windows 2000/XP/Vista/server2003, and the way to convert basic disk to dynamic disk is never strange for you, because dynamic disk, introduced since Windows 2000, boasts many advantages such as:

Disk and volume management tasks are performed without having to restart the computer afterwards.

Create vol...


Solution to copy dynamic disk and safely resize it

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“I have a 2003 server with an 8 gig system partition and 66 gigs of data partition. The disk is a dynamic disk. I want to increase the system volume because it has run out of space, is there any way to resize the dynamic disk without data loss?”

Yes, absolutely. Although the built in functions in disk man...

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Nowadays, a modern PC, supplied with a large hard drive with Windows XP/Vista 64 bit and other applications pre-installed, is generally pre-configured either as one hard large partition or made up of a number of smaller partitions, which will bring you some kinds of trouble more or less, like system partition out of space with slower PC speed, low disk space warning popping up now and then. ...

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