Comparison between Disk Management and EASEUS Partition Manager

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There are two ways to resize a disk partition in Windows Vista. One is Disk Management built in Windows Vista and the other is the third-party partition tools, such as EASEUS Partition Manager. Disk Management of Windows Vista allows users to resize partition without any additional software. Both Disk Management and EASEUS Partition Manager have the functions of creating a new partition, deleting and formatting a partition, changing drive letter, extending and shrinking a NTFS partition.

Then, what are the differences between Windows Vista Disk Management and EASEUS Partition Manager?

EASEUS Partition Manager can extend and shrink a FAT partition, move and hide/unhide a partition, delete all partitions, make a partition scheme, check partitions, label a partition and create a bootable CD/DVD. Except lacking of these advanced functions above, the shrink of Disk Management performs slower than EASEUS Partition Manager; while Disk Management supports dynamic disk and GPT disk.

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