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The scenario here: “I've installed XP instead of the 2000 pro I've had earlier. Now, as I'm trying to apply the stuff I had on the drivers (ntfs) it won't allow me as the error message says "disk not formatted, do you want to format now?” I've tried to take ownership over the drive but the option is unavailable coz the system files shown as RAW.” In this situation, if I suffered, I would be so worried about the data stored on this raw hard drive firstly, while how to rescue data from the raw hard disk? Data recovery software, like EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard, enables you to recover data from raw hard disk safely.

Why does “disk not formatted, do you want to format now?” pop up? Here is the answer: the raw disk you are trying to access either hasn’t been prepared for use with your OS, or it has been damaged and the data can no longer be read. Every floppy and hard disk needs to be formatted to prepare the media for use with a particular file system.

So, how to recover your data from raw hard drive? When you encounter “disk not formatted, do you want to format now?” you certainly should not click “yes” to format, because this will result in terrible thing - data loss! Do not panic. Data recovery from raw hard drive disk is not a problem anymore, EASEUS data recovery software, specializing in data recovery due to raw hard disk, deletion, formatted disk, system crash, etc. will enable you to rescue and recover your data from the raw hard drive.

 raw recovery

A step-by-step instruction of raw recovery comes to your side. Why not download a free demo version of data recovery software and experience a hands-on operation?

To recover data from raw hard disk, we should choose “Complete Recovery” module; then you can see the list of logical volumes found on your computer; Select the "RAW" disk or inaccessible logic disk; click "Next" to begin scanning for files; select the files or directory that you want to recover and press the "Next" button; select a directory and press the "Next" button to save the files. You can see more details here.

After those simple steps, EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard will help you to recover your data from the raw hard disk safely and efficiently.

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