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Do you still suffer partition errors and you cannot access the partition? Are you still troubled about finding away to recover your files trapped in the sick partition? Now it’s unnecessary, here I introduce you a partition recovery software to fix partition and recover files. I have used it and recover all my files.

Hard disk is the most essential storage medium to store valuable data. One can store large amount of data on the disk and can easily manage the space and data. To store data effectively, hard drive is divided into multiple partitions which maximizes the storage space and helps to prevent data loss situations in the case of windows crash. Creating multiple partitions provides easy installation of the operating system to the primary partition and user can save data on other partition. When we mistakenly edit the partition property when we resize or move our partition, or partition table is damaged or  corrupted by some reasons such as power surge or sudden power off, any of them incorrect operation on the hard disk may result in partition errors. The situation we always encounter is that we can not access the partition. Since we can't visit the partition, we can not read files, what more serious, once we perform format, all files will be gone.

Thus, I choose a professional partition recovery software, that is, Partition Table Doctor, it is a partition recovery and repair software and aims to recover partitions which have been deleted, damaged or corrupted on hard drive (both internal and external), backup/restore, repair partitions, MBR, boot sectors, etc. So, it will enable you to access your fat partition again by repairing the FAT boot sector, as well as recover the fat partition to get the data back.

If the FAT boot sector is damaged, data can not be accessed. In this situation, you can choose FAT partition repair software to repair the FAT boot sector or recover the data with a data recovery software.

Using Partition Table Doctor is a quite easy job. Run the software, choose the partition you can not access, click "fixboot", then apply the operation, restart the computer, you will find you can visit the partition and all you files are back.

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