Freeware to Adjust Partition without Data Loss

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When and why do we need to adjust partition? Actually, most computer users might have this problem: the C drive is too small for new applications after a long period of initial partitioning and Windows pops up a warning to alert you- "No Disk Space". Then you need to adjust your partition size to keep it running.

Speaking of adjusting partition, you might think of Partition Magic, which is considered to be the most well-known partition adjusting software. Unfortunately, Partition Magic stopped upgrade since its ownership was acquired by Symantec. It is not compatible with Windows Vista. Besides, most of partitions adjusting tools are charged. Is there any freeware which can help adjust partition without data loss? The answer is YES.

EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition has the same functions as Partition Magic does. With this program, you can adjust partition size even by simply clicking the mouse. And this program is especially helpful to Vista users.

The most shining point of this free partition manager is that it won't cause any damage to the existing data when you adjust your partition. If you are still worried about the safety of your data before starting to adjust partition size, the Copy Disk / Copy Partition function allow you to back up all your data to another disk / partition to ensure you 100% security.

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