Hard Disk's Glossary of Computer Terminology (1)

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Retrieval of data from or transfer of data into a storage device or area such as RAM or a register.

Access Time
The amount of time, including seek time, latency and controller time, needed for a storage device to retrieve information.

Active Partition
The partition of the drive that contains the operating system. If the drive has multiple partitions, only the primary partition can be made active. A hard drive can have only one active partition.

The amount of data that can be sent over a given circuit. See also buffer bandwidth.

BIOS (Basic input/output system)
A program or set of programs that control the basic functions of the computer.

An abbreviation for a binary digit which can be either 0 or 1. A bit is the basic data unit of all digital computers. It is usually part of a data byte, or data word; however, a single bit can be used to control or read logic ON/OFF functions. A bit is a single digit in a binary number. Bits are the basic unit of information capacity on a computer storage device. Eight bits equal one byte.

A group of bytes handled, stored, and accessed as a logical data unit, such as an individual file record. A block in UNIX workstation environments is the smallest contiguous area that can be allocated for the storage of data. (Note: A different definition of the term is used when referring to the physical configuration of a hard drive.)

To start or restart your computer; loading the operating system.

A sequence of eight binary digits or bits regarded to be a unit or binary word. The storage capacity of a disk drive is commonly measured in megabytes, which is the total number of storable bits divided by eight million.

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