How to Recover Mp3 File?

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Gone are the days when people's music collections were made of cassette tapes and CDs. Today, most people store their music as MP3 files on their computer. While MP3s have the advantage of being small and portable, they are also easily deleted. Maybe a user will delete his complete album accidentally; maybe the Mp3 player malfunction, both of which will cause Mp3 files loss. If you have accidentally deleted your MP3 files, all is not lost actually and can be recovered. This article will teach you how to recover your Mp3 files quickly and completely.

If the Mp3 files are free to available, it’s OK to download one copy again, but what we should do if the Mp3 file is limited or rare to download, or if the Mp3 files is an exclusive record. It makes the user frantic to search for a method to recover Mp3 files.

The Simplest method to recover Mp3 files is using music recovery software. Here we take comprehensive data recovery software named EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard for example.


Data Recovery Wizard is professional music recovery software which could search and recover Mp3 files due to format, deletion or partition loss from many kinds of storage media such as hard drive, external(removable) hard drive, USB flash drive, digital camera, memory stick, SD card, etc. under Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista. You can find more detailed information about how to recover Mp3s here.

Tips: When you find there is Mp3 files loss, just immediately stop using the music player. Attach the player to your computer or if it is a memory card, attach it to a card reader and then connect it to your computer. Only if your system is able to recognize the drive, there is a chance for you to recover mp3 files.

I recommend you use the demo version of Data Recovery Wizard to scan the lost Mp3 files and order the full version to save the recovered Mp3 files.

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