How to Unformat Files from Formatted Raid

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People know that it is possible to recover data from formatted drive or partition, however, when it comes to formatted Raid, is there any chances to unformat files from the formatted Raid? If you are dazzled in this question, good news comes to you now! EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard, specializing in data recovery from most possible data loss, is effective unformat software and can rescue your formatted Raid safely and easily.

As we know, there are two kinds of Raid – hardware Raid and software Raid. The difference between them: with a software-based RAID volume, the hard drives use a standard drive controller and a software utility provides the management of the drives in the volume. A RAID volume that relies on hardware for management will have a physical controller (commonly built into the motherboard, but it can also be a stand-alone expansion card) that provides for reading and writing of data across the hard drives in the volume.

The case is that if you format the hard drive of your hardware Raid accidently or mistakenly, you can unformat files from the formatted Raid with this Raid-supported data recovery software. While even though data recovery software can unformat Raid, the success of your formatted raid recovery largely depends on your adherence to the rule firstly: “Do not make any change to the formatted Raid.” And you need to get data recovery software to recover the formatted Raid ASAP.

Data Recovery Wizard, with powerful search function to find lost files, can unformat files from formatted raid, SD card, IPOD, Memory Cards, etc. There are three modules as picture below: Deleted File Recovery, Complete Recovery and Partition Recovery. To unformat files from Raid, you need to run “Complete Recovery”, and you can follow the step-by-step instructions from How to unformat Raid Array?

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