How to restore formatted data?

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Do you always confront with such problem as losing your data after format? Do you still frustrated with find no efficient ways to recover your formatted data, or pay much for it otherwise? Now, good news comes to you: EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard, useful and cost-efficient software, will offer you the best way to restore formatted data from hard disk, USB drive or memory card, etc.

Nowadays, it is so usual for us to play around our hard disk, USB drive or memory card in this digital world; while such problem as losing-data after disk format always makes us mad. For most of us, we hold that once the disk has been formatted, the data cannot be back any more. Few people know that formatted files can be restored—unformat.

In fact, for regular deletion, data on a disk is not fully destroyed during a high-level format. Instead, the area on the disk containing the data is merely marked as avail (in whatever file system structure the format uses), and retains the old data until it’s overwritten. So if you use the right data recovery software, the lost data can be restored very easily.

 EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard, as the most comprehensive format recovery software, can restore data for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Server 2003. Its Complete Recovery especially aims to restore formatted data; the files types and storage media including Hard Drives, Zip Disks, Digital camera cards, USB Drives.

The step-by-step instruction of recovering files after format is as following:

Step 1: launch the software, and click 'Complete Recovery' module. Then a list of volumes on the drives found in your system will be listed. If the volume does not have a drive letter, then the volume will be listed at the hindmost and the drive letter will be instead by "*".

Complete Recovery

Step 2: Choose the volume that was formatted and click "NEXT" to start searching on this volume. The Intelligent Searching module will scan on the selected volume, collect and analyze every byte on the volume, then show you a list of volumes which are possible on it.


Step 3: After this scanning is finished, Data Recovery Wizard will allow you choosing 6 volumes at best to recover the data. And then, press "NEXT" button.

Step 4: Select the file or directory that you want to recover and press the "NEXT" button. And then select a directory and press the "NEXT" button to save the data.

After those four simple steps, you can restore formatted data. Remember that success is more or less guaranteed if you do as soon as you realized that data is missing.

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Recover Files after Format Lost from Formatted Disks is Just a Piece of Cake Now

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