Instruction to Resizing Windows Server 2003 partitions

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What would you do if the system partition is not large enough for new software installation on your Windows Server 2003? What's the solution if your server is running slowly due to the inefficient space on one partition?

The only way to save your Server out of the dilemma is to resize the partition. But for most Windows Server 2003 users, resizing partition could be dangerous and risky. A server is an important collection of data to run the whole system. It might be very critical if one single bit of date. If you take the risk to use some unauthorized software to resize your partitions on Windows Server system, you will put your data in danger.

To help users resize their partition safely, EASEUS has released the EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition, a comprehensive and cost-efficient partition resizing software. With the help of the reliable EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition, Resizing partitions could be a simple and safe task for every user. It is designed to focus on operation accuracy and safety which enables you to resize your Server partitions without losing data. All partition changes can be previewed before they are implemented on a hard drive, and all data is completely protected throughout the operation.

Launch the software. Select the partition needs on the fly. Then click Partitions > Resize / Move. On the disk diagram, the current size of all the partitions on Windows Server 2003 is displayed. The diagram also depicts free space on the disk. The minimum and maximum sizes that you can do with the partition depend on the free space within and surrounding it. The last step, save your operations and reboot your Windows Server 2003 system; you would have a resized partition.

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