Manage your partitions in Windows Vista

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When refers to computer, a partition is a splitting of a hard disk drive into parts. Computer users can allocate separate purpose to each partition, such as one for storing the Operating System and the other for users’ data, etc.  

However, the fact is that multiple partitions are much more difficult to manage. A professional partition manager can maximize your work efficiency. The problem is that most of us are not a computerman, so, without any other partition tools, we can not realize a professional partition management.


If you are racking your head on managing your partitions in Windows Vista, there are two methods. One is using 'Disk Management' built-in Windows Vista and the other is turning to a third party partition manager tool.

The picture bellow is a screenshot of "Disk Management" during the process of resizing partitions under Windows Vista. In the bottom right hand corner, you can see a popped up dialog box which contains main functions of Windows Vista built-in partition manager, change drive letter, format, extend, shrink, delete partitions. But ‘Disk Management’ is limited with some functions. It can only resize NTFS partitions and lacks of advanced operations, such as moving, hiding, etc. Meanwhile, there isn’t any indication of schedule which seems like a system halt.

As to a third party software, freeware EASEUS Partition Manager Home Edition is strongly recommended. It is a free one for home users. The popped up dialog box also shows its main functions which is more comprehensive, such as resizing/moving, creating, deleting, labeling, and formatting, etc. It also has some advanced functions as checking partition, hiding partitions, changing drive letter and setting active.

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