Partition Table Doctor Solving Your FAT/NTFS Partition Problem

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Many people have once been in such predicament that computer got virus infections, partition unintentionally deletion or loss, computer fails to boot up…what a headache! You finally find those valued files also have gone. OK, don’t panic! Local computer service is not the only place you must turn for help. Partition Table Doctor, economical but efficient partition recovery software, comes to your side.

Designed for recovering partitions which have been deleted, damaged or corrupted on the hard drives (both internal and external), backup/restore partition table, repair partitions, MBR, boot sectors, etc. Partition Table Doctor supports FAT16/32, NTFS/NTFS5, EXT2/EXT3/SWAP files systems on IDE, ATA, SATA, SCSI and removable hard drive under both Dos and Windows.

Once one of my friends suffered big virus and his NTFS partition has gone, he run to me for help, I just recommended Partition Table Doctor to him, which no doubt makes his day.

That is, Partition Table Doctor is truly a FAT/NTFS partitions recovery solution for computer users whenever they suffer from FAT/NTFS partitions deletion and loss. Here are the tips:

1.     If you happen to have a backed up copy of your partition table, run the Partition Table Doctor, find the button “Restore partition Table”, reload the original partition table, and restart your computer after that, then your last partition structure is recovered including the partition you deleted or lost.

2.     What if you do not have any backed up partition table? Partition Table Doctor still can recover deleted or lost FAT/NTFS partitions by running “rebuild partition table”. It truly recovers partitions without any technical skills.

Just run the software, check that there are two modes to have a FAT/NTFS partition recovery: Auto mode will automatically save every partition found without process control within search processing. The Auto Mode process is the same in most situations. The Interactive mode allows you to select each partition found in Partition Table Doctor manually. When rebuilding the partition table in Auto mode and errors occurring switch to the Interactive mode. Searched partitions will be displayed on screen in time sequence within search processing. Then a completely same partition table built finished for FAT/NTFS partition.

See more details click here.

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