Recipe to Fix Master Boot Record for Window XP

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Problems with the master boot record (MBR) may prevent the system from booting. The MBR may be affected by malicious code, become corrupted by disk errors, or be overwritten by other boot loaders when experimenting with multiple operating systems on a host. This recipe shows one method of repairing the MBR under Windows XP environment.

You could use XP installation CD to fix MBR, but you will be presented with several scary warning lines the reading of which will make you want to say no. Microsoft is exceptionally vague regarding the conditions under which MBR repair can cause problems although they are clear about the consequences (losing all data on the hard drive), so this will bring you into risk.

I have given up installation CD for many years, maybe you'll ask me how to fix MBR when I encounter related problems, and my recipe is EASEUS Partition Table Doctor.

Typically, the MBR resides on the first sector of the hard disk. The program starts the boot process by looking up the partition table to determine which partition to use for booting. It then transfers program control to the boot sector of that partition, which continues the boot process. In DOS and Windows systems, you can create the MBR with the FDISK /MBR command. So, if there is something wrong with the MBR, say, if the MBR is infected by MBR virus, which replaces the MBR with its own code, the computer will fail to boot. In this situation, you need partition recovery software for MBR recovery/restore to access to the computer.

Partition Table Doctor is the best solution for computer users to recover/restore the MBR when the computer failed to boot. It's easy to operate. Select "Rebuild MBR" on "Operations" menu or press "F7" key to recover MBR, save operations and reboot the computer, you will be achieve it.

Recipe to Fix MBR

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