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Memory sticks can become corrupted or damaged in a variety of ways, resulting in error messages like, "card not formatted", etc. Don't panic! You've arrived at the right place. In fact, in most cases, the photographs are still on the memory stick and are recoverable. You can find the detailed information about how to recover formatted memory stick here.

Memory stick recovery can be a simple process or quite complicated. In most cases you are able to recover the missing photographs even when the "This disk in drive H is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" pops up. There are two ways that can operate the recovery process: one is data recover service center, and another is data recovery software.

If we choose manual data recovery service center, not only we have to expend several days and hundred dollars to recover formatted memory stick, also we have to take the risk of failure to recover formatted memory stick. Therefore data recovery software is the best solution of formatted memory stick recovery.

It's also important for us to choose data recovery software. To recover formatted memory stick, we should choose professional formatted recovery software for the memory stick, but not deletion recovery software. Here EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard is highly recommended to recover files from formatted memory stick.

Data Recovery Wizard is an advanced and professional data recovery tool for us to recover lost data from memory stick, hard drive, external USB hard drive, SD card, digital camera, digital audio player, compact flash, hardware RAID, etc. no matter it is due to format, deletion, virus attack, files system failure or other unknown reasons. It supports Window 2000/XP/2003/Vista.

Tips: once we find there is data loss in the memory stick, we should stop any operation which probably cause overwriting and launch formatted memory stick recovery software at the very first time. The faster we recover formatted memory stick, the more chances we can get the data recovered from memory stick.

Just free download demo version to scan and preview the memory stick and use the full version to safe recovered data if any of us are searching for method to recover formatted memory stick.

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