Resize a partition for Windows Server 2003

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When I tried to install Windows Server 2003 on my computer, I needed to partition the hard disk at first. I googled partition software and then I found a server partition manager software, EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition, I downloaded and prepared for future use. So I just went on and installed Windows Server 2003 anyway.

I had two partitions on my computer. The first partition was the C drive which had Windows XP installed on it and the other partition was D drive which had all my data. There was no way I can install Windows Server 2003 on C drive. So, I installed Windows Server 2003 on D drive. After installing Windows Server 2003, I used EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition, to shirk my D drive and create a new drive. Let it finish and I will find D has been shrunk and there's a new partition.

Now move all your data from D drive to the new drive, say E drive.

It is better to do a disk defragmentation on D drive after doing this. And I still feel I was risky at that time, because I didn't know whether this operation will cause data lose. Yet a server partition manager software won't cause data loss. Now, my Operating System runs very well, and my site behaves great.

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