Unerase Files from Formatted Hard Drive/Disk

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Imaging that, you were in charge of a big company and making a bidding plan for a huge project. The fierce competition forced your rivals try all ways to know the price information of your company. One rival even used a hacker illegally to attack your computer, the hacker indeed got your bidding information, bue he erased all files by formatting the hard disk before he was arrested. To make clear the one behind, you must find evidence to charge the hacker and identify his boss, but the hard disk was formatted and all files were erased, so it seemed there was nothing in the hacker's computer related to the secret document and you have no idea to recover erased files from formatted hard drive/disk and track the fact, you were so depressed by the way to unerase format...

It seems there is no evidence to convict the hacker, but you must get a method to make sure the hacker not only attacked your computer but also stole the secret biding document for someone else, before that you should find a way to unerase format. Here I suggest you to seek assistance from a data recovery software, especially unerase software, such as, EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard, to recover erased files from formatted drive/disk and make it shown as the evidence.

Though the hacker formatted the hard disk and all files were erased, there are still ways to unerase format. First you should know how file systems work and why you can unerase format to recover erased files from formatted hard drive/disk. If the hard disk is formatted, the Operating System resets the FAT or MFT on the disk, and the reason that you can no longer see the format-erased files under Windows is that the MFT tells the Operating System that the drive letter does not contain any files, but the files are still there. To see the erased content, you only need to recover the table of content. That's why you can unerase format to recover erased files from formatted hard drive/disk.

Here I show you how to achieve it. Just follow the steps, you will unerase format and recover erased files.

Step 1: Run EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard and choose "Complete Recovery".


 Alt :Complete Recovery)

Step 2: Choose the volume that was probably formatted and click "NEXT" to start searching this volume. The Intelligent Searching mode will scan the selected volume, collect and analyse every byte on the volume, then show you a list of volumes on which files are possible.

Step 3: After this scanning is finished, Data Recovery Wizard will allow you choosing 6 volumes at best to recover the files. And then, press "NEXT" button.

Step 4: Select the file or directory and press the "NEXT" button. And then select a directory and press the "NEXT" button to save the data.

This method to unerase format is quite easy and safe, after finish, you'll find the evidence you need, convict the behind boss, and protect your profit at last.

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