Why do we need to clone disk?

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Why do we need to clone disk? If you want to rescue data and upgrade hard disk, then clone disk is needed.

Rescuing data: In case of hard disks with defective areas it is especially important to back up data to an intact medium before starting any recovery attempts because the recovery procedure may cause further defects resulting from the inherent exposure of this procedure, while the physical disk clone may cause much less exposure than any other usage due to its linear operation. After cloned, you can perform a recovery on the destination disk without fearing any further damages.

Upgrading hard disk: Clone disk is useful when you want to replace the older smaller hard disk by a newer larger hard disk without installing the Operating System and applications once again. One thing to note is that the medium used as destination medium should be of at least the same size as the source medium or larger to ensure all data will be cloned onto the disk without loss.

Are you still waiting for a suitable program to clone disk? Now, here comes EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition which is able to clone disk and partitions beyond its resize/move partition function now. Please see the clone disk function in the main board interface of this software bellow:

Copy Disk

With this disk clone software, you will never worry about data loss again.’ Partition' and 'Disk copy' are the new features within EASEUS Partition Master which may support file-by-file copy which is too much faster than sector-by-sector without data loss. During the file-by-file copy process, it also allows you to resize partitions in order to fit the target partition.

Learn more:

Copy a partition with EASEUS Partition Master

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