Why people partition their hard disk?

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EASEUS Partition Manager is released to help users manage their partitions. It is a comprehensive hard disk partition management tool to let users enjoy all the powerful functions: resize and move partitions, create, delete and format partitions, hide and unhide partitions, etc. Then, why people want to partition their hard disk?


Computer users partition their hard disk drive with the aim of better administration, space management and access control. The main purposes for partitioning are as following:

·     Separation of the operating system files from user files

·     Having an area for operating system virtual memory swapping/paging.

·     Keeping frequently used programs and data near each other.

·     Having cache and log files separate from other files. These can change size dynamically and rapidly, potentially making a file system full.

·     Use of multi-booting setups, which allow users to have more than one operating system on a single computer. For example, one could install Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows or others on different partitions of the same hard disk and have a choice of booting into any operating system (supported by the hardware) at power-up.

·     Protecting or isolating files, to make it easier to recover a corrupted file system or operating system installation. If one partition is corrupted, none of the other file systems are affected, and the drive's data may still be salvageable. Having a separate partition for read-only data also reduces the chances of the file system on this partition becoming corrupted.

·     Raising overall computer performance on systems where smaller file systems are more efficient. For instance, large hard drives with only one NTFS file system typically have a very large sequentially-accessed Master File Table (MFT) and it generally takes more time to read this MFT than the smaller MFTs of smaller partitions.

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