Why you need backup?

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If you worry about data loss, you need backup.Many data loss faults may be intentional or not, some examples are:

Turning off, rebooting, pulling the plug, current surge, etc., while in operation, will have unpredictable results.

The hard disk keeps information (including program code and the operating system) in the form of minuscule magnetic fields. With time, the magnetism fades out or is modified by the proximity of strong magnetic fields generated by telephone sets, speakers, magnetic business cards, and even the earth's magnetic field. Because of these factors, one day one bit might change, causing unpredictable results. As one can see, the computer is usually accurate but it is not always accurate!

Backup is the best choice to keep your data safe, and there are two ways to backup your data:

The frequent backup is the one that is done frequently (recommended daily) for the case when the computer crashes and the data becomes unrecoverable. This is the backup that is worth more than gold sometimes.

For this backup, avoid using the same media (diskette, tape, etc.) over and over again. Have ten and rotate them. Try to backup with a verify option for enhanced safety.

The permanent backup is a backup copy that is done once in a while (recommended monthly) and sent off site, possibly to a locked safe. This is necessary for the case of fire and burglary, in these cases, both the data within the computer and the backed up one might be lost at the same time.

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