Resize Server Partition by Server Magic

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TAG: server magic,resize server partition

EASEUS Partition Master Server Edition - Server Magic Alternative

As Server Magic alternative, EASEUS Partition Master Server Edition is the best valued server partition software t...


How to Recover Damaged or Corrupted Partition?

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TAG: recover damaged,corrupted partition

Problems of your partition

Have you ever experienced the unfortunate situation of damaged or corrupted partition? If yes, then you may be frustrated with having no backup partition before or data gone with those damaged or corrupted partition. So what you have to do is rushing to find a kind of partition recovery tool to recover your damaged or corrup...


Unerase Files from Formatted Hard Drive/Disk

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TAG: unerase files

Imaging that, you were in charge of a big company and making a bidding plan for a huge project. The fierce competition forced your rivals try all ways to know the price information of your company. One rival even used a hacker illegally to attack your computer, the hacker indeed got your bidding information, bue he erased all files by


Data Recovery Software---Save Data Formatted

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TAG: save data formatted

There are a lot of things that can lead to data loss, which include hard drive format, virus attack, corrupted or missing critical file system structures, boot-up problems, deleted and damaged partition structures, and file loss without reason. For recovery of accidental data deletion or data emptied from Recycle Bin, it is just a piece of cake if it is not overwritten or damaged. While for ...

TAG: resize,move fat32,ntfs partitions

You may find that there is not enough free space on a certain partition. For example, you want to enlarge C: drive, which usually is Windows system drive. Please follow the instructions bellow to resize your partition. Launch the software, you will see all your disks and partitions on the map.

1. Select the hard disk and a partition to be resized.


How to Shrink Partition on Windows Server 2008

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TAG: shrink partition,windows server 2008

Windows Server 2008 is coming now. It is built from the same code base as Windows Vista. So, the architecture and functionality have some in common.

I think that Windows Server 2008 partition management is not an easy task to do for most Windows Server 2008 users. Some unreliable software might destroy all your important data during the process of shrinking partition on Windows ...

TAG: partition software

During the selection of partition manager for SBS 2003, we made the strict rules: it should never hurt other partitions keeping the whole partition intact and prevent everything from data loss, etc. And among the partition software,

TAG: recover format lost

What would you do if you wrong formatted a hard disk? Seek assistance from recovery center? It will cost you much and make you worry more. Look for a data recovery software? There are too many types to choose, but it's much safe and easy. Here I recommend EASEUS to you, that is what you sh...


How to Recover Formatted FAT/NTFS Drive?

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TAG: recover,formatted fat/ntfs drive

1.     What’s Your Situation

Nowadays, recovering formatted FAT/NTFS drive is not rare for us, because we always format our FAT/NTFS drive for some reasons. Say, considering NTFS file system supersedes the FAT file system for Microsoft’s Windows, you cannot help...


Server Magic

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TAG: partition magic,server magic

Server Magic is the server edition of Partition Magic from PowerQuest (acquired by Symantec now). It works like Partition Magic and the only difference from Partition Magic is that it can run under Server Edition of ...

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