software-based vs. hardware-based RAID?

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Just as we know, there are two forms of RAID, one form is software-based RAID, and another is hardware-based RAID.

Software-based RAID occupies system memory, consumes CPU cycles and is operating system dependent. By comparing with other applications that are running concurrently for CPU cycles and memory, software-based RAID degrades overall server performance.

The performance of a software-based RAID is directly dependent on server CPU performance and load.

Unlike software-based RAID, hardware-based RAID schemes have very little in common with software-based implementations. Since the CPU can execute user applications while the RAID adapter's processor simultaneously executes the RAID functions, the result is true hardware multi-tasking. Hardware RAID also does not occupy any host system memory, nor are they operating system dependent.

Fault tolerant is the important features of Hardware RAID. Since the RAID logic is based in hardware, software is NOT required to boot. Some software RAID, however, will fail to boot if the boot drive in the RAID fails. For example, an RAID implemented in software can only be functional when the RAID software has been read from the disks and is memory-resident.

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