CCE and EaseUS Have Signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement in Backup and Recovery Solution

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EaseUS Software, a leading provider of backup, data recovery and storage management solutions for the Windows environment, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with CCE, an IT corporation in Japan founded in 1988. This partnership enables CCE to address their customers’ data security and disaster recovery needs with EaseUS’s state-of-the-art technology.

EaseUS Software provides innovative data backup, disaster recovery and data recovery technologies that help CCE architect and deliver powerful, yet affordable solutions by offering Dr.Backup® to all its customers in Japan. What made CCE choose EaseUS as its partner is the system and data migration technology in EaseUS solutions that can migrate any Windows OS since XP to a completely different hardware configuration; or clone partition/disk to another for data backup via file- and sector-level clone.

EaseUS also offers other advanced technologies like partition management, advanced formatting hard drive, NTFS for non-Windows and so on. Get detailed information at: http://www.easeus.com/technologies.

About CCE:
CCE is a group of engineers founded in 1988 as a professional provider of computer system management, phone book database, net solution, data backup, and security that have been winning the trust of many companies. Equipped with advanced technology and experience that has accumulated, CCE constantly provides good solutions to support business continuity in all companies. Information: http://www.cce.co.jp.

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