EaseUS CleanGenius 3.0 Offers One-stop Maintenance Solution for Mac Users

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EaseUS devoted itself to enhance the Mac performance and its new CleanGenius 3.0 offers a variety of more in-depth clean functions like duplicate finder, disk usage and free memory. It also comes with the previous options to clean up Mac junk files in seconds, completely uninstall unwanted applications, show disk space available, warn when the disk space is running low, and eject mounted drives.

Now everything is packed in a brand new GUI of CleanGenius 3.0. This all-in-one and cost-effective Mac maintenance software, combined with the functions worth more than $80 on the market, now is only for $29.95 for each license, with no time limitation.

New features in EaseUS CleanGenius 3.0:
Duplicate finder can easily locate and remove the duplicate files.
Disk Usage helps you to spot and remove the unwanted large files.
Free Memory increases your free memory by a click.
Login Item enables you to select the apps to start up during your Mac's login.
Add the option to check for updates.
Brand-new GUI.

CleanGenius has heated up as an award-winning and all-in-one Mac cleaner since its release. "EaseUS CleanGenius aims to do exactly what its title conveys: clean up your Mac while improving performance," reviewed by Jeffrey L. Wilson, the editor of PCMag.

download EaseUS CleanGenius and try it for 15-day for free.

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