EaseUS Is Not Just A Product, It Is Our Customer Disaster Defender

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This week, we would like to share our customers true stories about EaseUS. EaseUS is committed to providing custom-made solutions to our customers. We are not just selling product, We are offering professional solutions and service to our customers.

2012.Jul.2 Mike Wood wrote:
i am a simple homeowner computer user. I have just recently discovered your products, and all i can say is wow!!!!! They are easy / intuitive to use, they work, and you have a comprehensive suite. Also, just he fact that i can email you is a big deal. Most companies on the net are very recluse....

Tt is a pleasure to write this note.... i am retired now.... but if i weren't i would have only your products at my company...! Please let me know if i can help you guys out!!!!!Thank you so much!

Jul.2 Alan wrote:
I've been using your software at home for a few years. You've saved my ass on many occasions. I know just enough to get in trouble and your backup software is the best in the market.

Partition software has saved me a lot of trouble as has your recovery software.

Every few years I email to thank you.

May.14 Janice Wood wrote:
I think that I have found the perfect backup software in EaseUS.
It is easy to use and it is very intuitive when it comes to actually knowing what you are trying to accomplish with the backup. I lost all of my files once, so now I am very careful to back up every thing of importance.

Before EaseUS I was manually copying files from one drive to another which was time consuming and inefficient. EaseUS is quick and easy to use (as its name implies). Your average computer user can set it up in a matter of minutes. At the dropping price of external drives, they can purchase an external drive to use for their backup for under $100.00. That is a small price to pay for the security of knowing that your data is safe in the event of a virus, or other software or hardware failure. If you need a reference from a fan of your software, please let me know. I think that it is great!!!

Jan.17 John K wrote:
Cheap bastard as I am, always using freeware, pending some day that I can contribute otherwise.

I've used Acronis for years as my main backup software and also Partition Master from you folks to elegantly set up drive names and partitions. Acronis has gone to the one computer, one authorization stranglehold in the latest upgrade. I've had software companies go under leaving me with failed authorizations. This had me look closely at Todo (free of course).

This program is superb. It has all the functions needed for complete backup. Works flawlessly under fire. Has given no false starts or aborted backups as was too common with Acronis, as much respect as I have for their programs. There is no need here for Acronis any more. Clinging to the free design, but doing my best to spread the word among the community to compensate for my use of your efforts.

You guys rock. Thanks for the opportunity to use your products.

We really appreciate our customers chose EaseUS. EaseUS will keep effort to make our work better to achieve our customers requirement.

EaseUS is a leading software provider of storage management and data recovery solutions for millions of private and business users in over 180 countries and areas.We focus on developing innovative softwares to protect data in reliable and cost-effective manner. We are preferred storage solution provider of top brands all over the world.
Founded in 2004, EaseUS market has covered North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. EaseUS software has successfully help a host of global class companies and partners including Microsoft, ASUS, Dell, IBM,HP and more.

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