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EaseUS, a leading provider of data backup, data recovery and storage management solutions, now becomes education groups’ first choice as for its innovative, easy-to-handle and cost-effective solutions. Limited budget makes it harder for education organizations to find themselves a feature-rich yet affordable software to protect their data and improve working efficiency. After a very careful sifting, the Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) has decided to trust on EaseUS’ solutions. SSL is a laboratory at Berkeley focusing on space researching with a very long history.

EaseUS presents an ideal choice for schools, educational institutions, and non-governmental organizations that are looking to save time and money while ensuring effective hard drive, storage management and data protection. This time, SSL utilizes EaseUS ‘s storage management and data protection solutions that allow IT administrators to back up important researching resources and repartition server’s HD for better performance.

IT solutions offered by EaseUS are tailored to the needs of all industries. Even users with little IT-knowledge can control all processes with ease. “We’ll never stop our steps to improve upon what we’ve built, to deliver premium data protection products.”, says Liu Ji’en, CEO of EaseUS.

About Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL)

The Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) at Berkeley was initiated in 1958 by a committee of the faculty who recognized that the new technology of rockets and satellites opened new realms of investigation and research to the physical, biological, and engineering sciences. The committee proposed the formation of a Space Sciences Laboratory which, as a campus-wide multidisciplinary organization, would serve to integrate the work on the campus in the space sciences and to stimulate new faculty-student programs of research. For more information, please visit: https://www.ssl.berkeley.edu/index.php

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