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Most of us know that a cat has nine lives, but did you know files have three? That means you can restore deleted files, even after you empty the Recycle Bin!

Deleting the file isn't the end, though. Most of people know how to restore deleted files from the Recycle Bin: just open up the Recycle Bin, select the file you want to restore, and choose “Restore this item” from the pop-up menu to restore it to its original folder.

But how can you restore deleted file after you empty the Recycle Bin, or use Shift+Delete to get rid of files? The fact is that we still have chances to restore the deleted files.

A frequent misunderstanding is that the System Restore feature of Windows can be used to recover deleted files. However, it is not helpful to restore deleted files outside system partition. System Restore is developed specifically to restore system files back to an earlier state, the purpose of which is to enable easy recovery when a software update, installation or removal has an adverse effect on the system. It provides a simple way to restore system to a point in time when everything work.

So the right way to restore deleted files is: manual data recovery or file recovery software, you can resurrect the file yet again for its third go at life.

Manual data recovery service is a not-bad choice for some laymen of us. However, we have to expend several days and hundred dollars for manual data recover service to restore deleted files, besides we have to take risk of failure to restore deleted files due to some other reasons.

Thus, file recovery software become the best solution for us to restore deleted files. If there is no physical damage to the storage media, file recovery software is the easiest and safest method to restore deleted files.

You can choose professional file recovery software - EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard to restore deleted files. The step-by-step in details you may refer to Guide to Restore Deleted Files.

You may free download demo version to scan and preview the deleted files and use full version to restore and save them. Just feel free to try it when you need to restore deleted files.

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