In Memory of Steve Jobs, CleanGenius Pro giveaway for Mac users

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As Feb 24th the birthday of Steve Jobs is coming, EaseUS is now giving away 1000 pieces of CleanGenius Pro to commemorate Steve with his beloved ones.

Steve Jobs (1955-2011), Apple co-founder and ex-CEO, as a legendary figure who inspired not only apple, but also the entire information technology world. His revolutionary designs and innovative products have changed the world and changed our lives for better. And now Feb 24th the birthday of Steve is coming, EaseUS offers 1000 copies of CleanGenius Pro for free to celebrate with Mac users. Steve Jobs is still acting and we will remember him forever.

EaseUS CleanGenius Pro is an award-winning and all-in-one
Mac Cleaner to keep your Mac clean in seconds, completely uninstall your apps, eject mounted devices and more. Its main features are as the following:

1.Fast scan and clean your Mac in seconds, purifying your Mac and recovering hard disk space.
2.Completely uninstall the unwanted applications and delete related files.
3.Show the available disk space in the menu bar and main window.
4.Display a warning by changing the color to orange when your disk space is running low.
5.Eject all the mounted devices by a click, like external storage disks, CD and DVD disks, network storage, disk images.

Free get EaseUS CleanGenius Pro now! This offer is valid until Feb 29th, 2012.

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