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EaseUS Software, a leading provider of storage management and maintenance, focusing on providing quality, innovative Mac software for better Mac system performance, today launches a giveaway for Mac users to get EaseUS CleanGenius Pro ($2.99) for free on Mac App Store.

EaseUS CleanGenius Pro is an award-winning Mac cleaner software for Mac OS X 10.6 or later, It can fast clean up your Mac junk files, completely uninstall unwanted or useless applications, show disk space available, warn you when the disk space is running low, and eject mounted drives with a brand-new look, positioning itself as a must-have utility to perfect your Mac clean and healthy.

It provides more features than EaseUS CleanGenius Free:
Customize the space value to display a warning to meet different needs.
Eject all the mounted devices just by a click, including external storage disks, CD and DVD disks, network storage, disk images.
Reveal the found items in Finder.

To free get a full version of EaseUS CleanGenius Pro, you just need to rate CleanGenius Free on App Store. Once you have done it and told EaseUS, we will send you the download code of EaseUS CleanGenius Pro on App Store. This giveaway is valid until January 19th, 2012 and only 50 licenses are giving away to our Mac users, so hurry up and grab the chance to keep your Mac clean and faster for free with the professional and all-in-one Mac cleaner.

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