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Some Server administrators may face the problem of Server Partition Resizing. When building a Server, Server administrators need to decide how much space to give to the important partitions, such as the system partition. Allocating too much wastes your space, and if too little, eventually your Server is fighting for precious space and is placed in an embarrassing situation of running slow.
Even after having careful consideration to the sizes of the partitions while creating them, somehow or rather, things change or we may find out the size allocated for a partition is not sufficient while the size allocated for another partition is under utilized or too big. To format and recreate new partitions can be a challenging job.
How to solve this problem in an easy and simple way? Maybe partition manager software is just the best choice to save your computer out of the embarrassment
Many people may be familiar with the well-known partition software - Partition Magic, published by PowerQuest, however, it does not support Server and Windows Vista for it has been stopped upgrading for quite a long time since the company changed ownership. Fortunately, there is a Partition Magic Server alternative – EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition which is compatible with Windows Serve 2000/2003/2008 and non-server 2000/XP/Vista 32 and 64 bit system. It is a best solution to resize your Server partitions without data loss.
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