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EASEUS provides a web based service designed to repair damaged or corrupted files and recover password. In all file repair jobs, we place the needs and data confidentiality of customers on top priority. Our repair specialists are waiting to fix your corrupt file. Let them examine your file free of charge and provide you with a full analysis of the condition of your data.

Prompt file repair service requires unique skills. We have full knowledge of file formats and possible damages. It takes lots of innovation, experience and perseverance as most of the time, we are performing the file repair which is perceived by the others as impossible task. We constantly upgrade our knowledge of file repair to keep up with the fast changing technology and to provide our customers the best file repair service.

We provide free file repair evaluation for our customers and "No Data, No Charge" policy to ensure that the customers only pay for the required data recovered and not the amount of data recovery work performed.

For appreciating customers' support on EASEUS, we are now carrying out a free service that fixes your documents involved 4 file types below:
  *.PST: which is Microsoft Office Outlook document.
  *.DBX: which is Microsoft Outlook Express document.
  *.XLS: which is Microsoft Office Excel document.
  *.DOC: which is Microsoft Office Word document.
If you need this service, here is how:
  1. Please compress the files you want to recover as a .zip file, and send the file to "repair@easeus.com" as an attachment.
Note: the single attachment should not be larger than 1M.

  2. Fill the Email's subject as "Freely recovering 'FileStyle'", "FileStyle" stands for the file's type; e.g. "Freely recovering DBX", of course you can send us different files in one attachment such as "Freely recovering XLS and DOC".

  3. Our experienced engineers will offer you a conclusion and result in one week!

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